Sunday, September 9, 2007

Labor Day Weekend!

Eric and Rebecca came to visit us for Labor Day weekend! We had so much fun with them! They got to our house on Saturday morning, so we started the weekend with a big waffle breakfast (Mmmmm)! Then we went to the Famous (HaHa) Flea Market where we walked around and ate snow cones and fry bread and saw lots of interesting stuff! Then we went to Red Rock State Park and hiked around a little bit. We were kind of tired by that time, so we came home and rested before we went out to the Indian Dance Performance, downtown, and then back home wher the kids set off some of their fireworks! On Sunday we went to church and relaxed the rest of the day. On Monday, we woke up early and drove to Albuquerque. We went to the Aquarium and saw sharks, rays, fish, jelly fish, turtles, lobsters, seagulls and pelicans. Then we went to the Botanical Gardens and played with butterflies and watched beautiful nature growing all around us. Rebecca was really excited to take us to this Brazilian Grill, so we drove to downtown Albq. and had a great Brazilian experience! After all of that , Jeffrey said he still had 99 percent energy and wanted to go to the zoo. The other kids agreed!!! Well, after geting in the van and heading down the road, not 5 minutes went by and all of them were sound asleep!!! So much for energy! We had a great weekend!

Here they are with the kids at Red Rock State Park!Red Rock (Parker, Jeff, Sam)The kids at the Indian Dances The Hopi Indian Dancers

Allie trying to catch a butterfly

A butterfly actually landed on Sam's hand!

Parker and Jeff petting the Koi.

being silly at the aquarium