Sunday, December 14, 2008

kids Christmas photos

Christmas Photos

Here is me attempting to take a perfect Christmas photo of my kids in front of the Christmas tree! If only you could see me pulling my hair out and saying with a hopeful voice "come on guys, smile!!!! this is a photo, not torture!!!" And if you could only see John rolling on the ground laughing his head off at me trying my best to keep my cool and think of something funny to get the little ones to smile! Ha Ha! Good Times!!!!!

Peek a Boo

Vaughn loves taking baths and ran at the opportunity!

Photo with Santa

Balloon lighting ceremony

Our best friends, Garrett and Amy (not pictured) invited us to go with
them to the balloon lighting ceremony this year! It was so fun and magical!

We ran into Sam's best friend! They are the two funniest boys ever!
(Ask their school teachers and they might say they are a little too
funny!) They are two peas in a pod if ever there were!!!!

Parker's 11th Birthday!!!!

Hot Air Balloons

Every December here, there is a big balloon festival, so after the older boys went to school (on Parker's birthday), I took Allie and Vaughn to see the hot air balloons. It was really cold, but so fun for them! I ended up driving across town to follow them flying, cause it was just too cute to see Allie and Vaughn so excited!

12 years ago last night (It was friday the thirteenth) John proposed
to me outside the Mesa, AZ temple! Best "YES" I ever said!!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


OK, I realize it's already the middle of December and I haven't posted anything since Thanksgiving!!!!! But I have some great excuses, well maybe there should never be an excuse, but I promise I will post all our Awesome photos from this month very soon!!!!!! Until then, I'm going to curl up in a big fat cozy blanket with a cinnamon/vanilla cup of hot cocoa and watch my favorite Christmas movies during this hugely, wintery snow storm!!!!!! Let it snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!!!!!