Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make your own movie

Here is the movie maker program I use: Photo Story 3 for Windows. Just google Photo Story 3 for Windows and you will find where you can download it for free! All the photos I used were either from our own camera or found in google image search online or from some of my favorite websites that I just copied and pasted into a photo file specifically for my movie, then when I was making my movie, I imported my pictures in my photo file to the program. The music I used was from our own collection downloaded from one of our cd's but you can use any downloaded music or even record your own voice narration.
Here is a movie Parker made for his Basketball goals. He came up with all the wording himself and John helped him search for just the right photos that Parker wanted to use! Then John saved Parkers movie to a memory chip in Parkers phone! Yes, even young kids can do it with the help of a parent!!! He loves watching his movie on his phone when he wakes up, when he goes to sleep, and before practice.!

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Karen P said...

Hi Hanne! This is Karen Cooper from high school. I got to your blog from Jessi's. You look great just like you did in high school. What a cute family. Come say hi if you ever visit my blog!