Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When life gives you lemons, MAKE LEMONADE!

It seems that we are bombarded lately with sooo much stress and worry and hopelessness about the market and the failing economy.

But, for the last couple of years John and I have been on an incredible learning journey, that has most recently jumped to a much higher level of financial understanding!

So I'm choosing to live a wealthy life no matter what the world says!!!!!
When the world says "NO!" I say "YES!!!!!!!!"

I've been so reluctant to share my financial goals with other people, but I am ready now! I'm ready to share!

This homemade goal movie of mine is one of the tools we have learned recently. I've revised it lots of times and will probably change more as my goals evolve, but for today, this is it!


SylviaBielefeldt said...

That's beautiful! I really love lemonade! Love, Mom

Amy Rapier said...

You have a definite inspirational streak in you! Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

That is totally inspirational Hanne! I especially appreciated the frame: "I love managing my money". That's a tough one for me, but I need to change my attitude!
Thanks!! Love, Beth