Monday, November 17, 2008

A Semi-Surprise Visit

I was so surprised Thursday morning when Mom called me and said that she and Missy were coming to hand deliver my Birthday present! Later that very same day, they arrived at my house bringing in boxes of, apples, navel oranges and lemons from the valley, and lots of other goodies, like BBQ sauce from Joe's BBQ (things I miss from home)!!!!! I'm so glad I put pork to cook until falling apart and so tender in the crockpot earlier that day, made homemade rolls, and homemade potato salad, not knowing before hand that we would be eating it with Joe's BBQ sauce, with Mom, Missy and Felicity!!!!! We had so much fun together this weekend!

Parker and Gramie (Mom)

Allie and Felicity learning how to make homemade vanilla custard! They were so cute together!

We had a big cheering section at Parker and Jeff's basketball games!
Johns family came too, but I didn't get a photo of them :(

Here's my Birthday present that was the reason behind the visit!
This past summer at our family reunion in Payson , we all stopped at Grannies Attic Antique Shop. I fell in love with these Vintage Christmas serving bowls, not knowing that just a few months later, Dad and Mom would go back and buy them for me for my birthday! Thanks Dad and Mom! I am so looking forward to using them during the Christmas Season!

After we all waved "Bye" to Mom, Missy, and Felicity driving away at the end of a fun weekend,
Allie turned to me and said "Mom, I like Gramie, She is soooo cute!"


Beth said...

Awwww, I really wanted to go too! I'm glad you all had a fun weekend! By the way, your snowy pine cone picture is now my desktop background - gorgeous!!

SylviaBielefeldt said...

What a delightful trip and visit. Missy and I giggled, chattered and sometimes shed a tear, but mostly laughed from Mesa to Gallup and back again. Little Felicity was so sweet and pleasant. What fun to see the basketball games of Parker and Jeffrey and hug my sweet grandchildren. This trip was so worth it. I can't believe it worked out so great since it was so spontaneous. Thanks Hanne and John for your fabulous hospitality. Love, Mom (Allie is the cute one!!!!!!)

fairychildheirlooms said...

I was so excited to be able to come along! THanks for the fun weekend, and getting to go to my nephews basketball games were such a treat! Love you all!