Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Photos

Here is me attempting to take a perfect Christmas photo of my kids in front of the Christmas tree! If only you could see me pulling my hair out and saying with a hopeful voice "come on guys, smile!!!! this is a photo, not torture!!!" And if you could only see John rolling on the ground laughing his head off at me trying my best to keep my cool and think of something funny to get the little ones to smile! Ha Ha! Good Times!!!!!


Anderson Family said...

You reminded me of a cartoon that was in the back of my Parenting magazine of what goes on around the perfect Christmas photo. It showed three perfect children in the frame then around the outside of the frame was the mom going crazy, chocolate milk spilt on the ground, one boy with one shoe on, the girl dragging something, trash on the floor and the dog chewing on wrapping paper. It was so funny because it was so true, and here you have the real life version!

Beautiful kids, by the way, Hanne.

Beth said...

Yep, just like I said on my blog.... XD !!!! I'm glad it's universal and not just me XP